Have you got a blocked drain?

I can clear almost any blockage in your home's sewerage system and will make the job a top priority with a fast response time, because I understand how important it is for your family's health and convenience to have a functioning sewerage system.

If you live in the Logan City or Sunnybank Hills area, call me on 3345 3543 and I will endeavour to have your drain cleared as soon as possible.

Ridgid k1500b drain cleaning machine

Blocked drains are a common and sometimes costly, ongoing problem.

The most common cause of recurring drain blockages in a home's main sewerage line is the infiltration of tree roots.

Once tree roots have infiltrated a drainage system, they sometimes become an ongoing problem, with the only real way to permanently fix the issue being to dig up and replace the affected section of drain.

No matter what type of drain clearing machine your plumber uses, whether it be an electric cable machine or a water jetter, they can only cut the roots away from inside the pipe. This will solve the problem for an indeterminable amount of time, but as the original cause of the root infiltration still exists and the tree roots are still surrounding the outside of the pipe, they will eventually grow back into the pipe itself.

While digging up and replacing the affected section of drain will probably be more expensive than just clearing the blockage, if the problem is occurring every 6-12 months, then it will be more economical in the long run to have the problem fixed permanently. Not to mention eliminating the inconvenience of a drain blockage, especially if it happens to occur suddenly on a weekend or public holiday, when you may be having a get together with friends.

Other causes of drain blockages include: .

- Grease or fat blockages

- Cloths/wipes

- Broken pipes

- Sanitary items