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Cooking with gas | Cooktops - Ovens - BBQs

Cooking with gas has many advantages over the standard electric hot plates, some of which include:

- Instant heat

- Very high temperatures

- Economical to run

- Environmentally friendly

Whether you already have a gas cooking appliance in your kitchen, or you would just like to experience the benefits of cooking with this great heat source, I can help!

I offer a complete gas service, including the service, repair, replacement and installation of gas cooktops, ovens and BBQs.

If your home doesn't have a gas system already installed, don't worry, nearly every home is suitable for some type of gas system.

Many areas of Brisbane have a reticulated Natural Gas supply. If you are lucky enough to live in one of these areas, there's a chance that you either have an existing gas supply , or the gas supplier will install a supply to your premises at little to no cost.

If you don't live in a Natural Gas area, the other option is to have an LPG gas supply, utilizing gas cylinders. These cylinders can be installed either in a suitable position beside your house, or even hidden underground in your front yard with theEasyGas DownUnder system.

A common misconception regarding LPG installations is that you must use two large (45kg) cylinders situated alongside the wall of your house. This is a very common way to install an LPG gas system, but if the only gas appliance in the home is a cooking appliance then this is usually unnecessary.

In these cases, the best way to set up an installation is to use two small (9kg) gas cylinders (BBQ cylinders). This means you won't be paying a gas supplier to rent their cylinders and fill them for you, all you have to do is replace the cylinders yourself at the local service station or get them filled at the camping store